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 The Fast-Tracking application to construct 70 apartments on the old Steward Motors site, currently still zoned for only 9 houses, has resumed.


Application to build 70 apartments and terraced houses on the old Steward Motors site opposite Howick College via the  COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track Consenting) Act 2020 and the Environmental Protection Authority.

In our previous update, which provided a wider context and which you can read here

we mentioned that the
developer, through his lawyers, had been granted a suspension of processing his application to
enable him to comment on responses to submitters to his application. Submitters were advised on 9
May 2024, that the developer has provided his responses and that cessation of the Hearing finished
on 8 May. The Panel considering the application has 25 days to reach a decision, but reserves the
right to extend this if necessary. The Panel has visited the site, concentrating on the site and
immediate surrounding area, noting in particular the topography, contour and built form; the interface
with properties adjacent to the site; the location of the 2 schools in proximity to the site; and the views
from Trelawn Place and Reydon Place. 

We will keep you updated with news from the Expert Consenting Panel as it comes to hand. 
In the meantime you can read the Cockle Bay Residents and Ratepayers Comment to the Expert Consenting Panel by
clicking the button below

You can also visit the Environmental Protection Authority website where you can read the range of other Comments to the Panel and view the Application itself by clicking the button below


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