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              The Enabling Act                   
          Housing Intensification              




      Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply

              and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2021 

On 9 March 2023 the CBRRA submitted a proposal to the Independent Hearings Panel (IHP) considering housing intensification in Auckland.  The thrust of the submission was that the IHP should be sure it comes up with evidence-based recommendations that reflect how the city can best grow within an affordable economic and financial framework.  This would achieve the objectives of the intensification legislation, but in a better planned manner, and without imposing unaffordable investment costs for infrastructure, or additional risks for householders, for instance because their house has been built on a flood plain.  Our proposal scoped out some of the possible outputs from the expert conferencing, which will follow the Pre-Hearing Conferencing currently taking place. 


Click the button below to read the CBRRA's Supplementary Discussion Paper.




In response to the Government's 'Enabling Bill' to significantly increase housing density, Auckland Council introduced Plan Change 78. As part of the public consultation process held in 2022 and January 2023 the CBRRA made submissions expressing our concerns, including the lack of infrastructure in Cockle Bay to support the level of intensification planned. We have opposed Box Properties application to be exempt from the water and wastewater qualifying matter that is used to limit development where there is insufficient infrastructure capacity.  

Click the button below to read the CBRRA's Supplementary Submission.

The Resource Management (Enabling Housing Supply and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2021 

provides for ‘qualifying matters’ to be determined by Councils’ to impose constraints on development when factors such as water supply and wastewater networks lack adequate capacity. Submitters were also able to support or oppose submission points by other submitters (and, similarly, to be on the receiving end of such feedback).  For example Box Properties, the developer for the proposed apartments on the Steward Motors site, made a submission supporting the up-zoning (intensification) but opposing the water and wastewater infrastructure constraint for the site.  They requested that this be removed.  It is our view that the constraint must apply to the area as a whole, and that the site does not qualify for special treatment.  We also believe that Box Properties can gain a trade competition advantage, if is it is exempt from the qualifying matter, whilst other nearby sites are subject to this constraint. We included this view in our Supplementary Submission and asked other submitters to also consider submitting their views on this request to Auckland Council by 20 January 2023. 

You can read Box Properties submission by clicking the button below:

Thank you to everyone who made a Supplementary Submission on Plan Change 78 by Friday 20 January 2023!


Some quick background:

Many people will be aware that it will now be possible to construct 3 dwellings of 3 storeys height on a single section in much of Auckland City where restrictions previously existed. The old single-house zone, applicable to much of Cockle Bay, no longer exists. Cockle Bay Residents and Ratepayers Association has concerns that omissions have been made in the revised plan, called Plan Change 78 (PC78),  with the consequent real risks of very large but avoidable costs in the medium to long term.

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